Parents have the right to view teachers’ resumes. Teacher resumes are located at the front office of the school campus.
We welcome communication from parents and encourage them to email our teachers for questions, concerns, or comments about your child’s success at our school.
Often, it’s difficult for teachers to accept phone calls during the day to speak to parents, so please use email communication, if possible.

AVERAGE TEACHER SALARY (A.R.S §15-189.05), as added by Laws 2020, Ch.285 §3.

1. Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2021 – $43,896.
2. Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2020 – $41,870.
3. Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2020 – $2,026.
4. Percentage Increase – 4.8%

Swen Anderson, MREDPresidentsanderson@skylineschools.com
Tasha Gant K-12th Principaltgant@skylineschools.com
Michele Pavlicek K-4th Vice Principalmpavlicek@skylineschools.com
Tonya WallisK-4th Registrarawallis@skylineschools.com
Brenda TorresAttendance Clerkbtorres@skylineschools.com
Kelsey HardinKindergarten  khardin@skylineschools.com
Nalani PlunkettKindergartennplunkett@skylineschools.com
Caitlin JanesKindergartencjanes@skylineschools.com
Lauren Ortiz1st Gradelortiz@skylineschools.com
Denise Scott1st Grade dscott@skylineschools.com
Selena Hernandez1st Gradeshernandez@skylineschools.com
Melissa Chapman2nd Grademchapman@skylineschools.com
Brittany Carbon2nd Gradebcarbon@skylineschools.com
Kahri Hajos2nd Gradekhajos@skylineschools.com
Pavani Thumma3rd Gradepthumma@skylineschools.com
Magdalena Mitzel3rd Grademmitzel@skylineschools.com
Meryl Machado4th Grademmachado@skylineschools.com
Bailey Roth4th Gradebroth@skylineschools.com
Angela Curtiss4th Gradeacurtiss@skylineschools.com
Enika HenryInstructional Coachehenry@skylineschools.com
Courtney ChaconTeacher Aidecchacon@skylineschools.com
MarJahn ScalesTechnology Teachermscales@skylineschools.com
Audrey PulidoPhysical Educationapulido@skylineschools.com
Maury SamiltonK-4th Behavior Interventionistmsamilton@skylineschools.com
Brandon EhlingerBehavior Aidebehlinger@skylineschools.com
Meaggen SerranoArt and Design Teacher mserrano@skylineschools.com
Nikkia WahlDance / Cheernwahl@skylineschools.com
Melanie JohnstonMusic Teachermjohnston@skylineschools.com
Carolina HerreraDance Aidecherrera@skylineschools.com
Javier CarrascoElementary Aidejcarrasco@skylineschools.com
Dawn LiveseySpecial Education Directordlivesey@skylineschools.com

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