South Phoenix Annual Spelling Bee

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South Phoenix and South Valley Prep and Arts Academy held their annual spelling bee on December 14th, 2018. We had 3rd-8th Graders participate in the spelling bee. They all did an outstanding job!  1st Place was taken by Miko Deang (7th Grade), 2nd Place was Mohogany Rembert (7th Grade), and 3rd Place was Anaje Brisbane (8th Grade).  Miko Deang will go on to represent South Valley Prep and Arts Academy in the Maricopa County Spelling Bee in the Spring.

Great job to all of our participants! ( 3rd Grade- Murrad Hissu & Terrell Irvin, 4th Grade- Zahara Wheaton & Joey Encinas, 5th Grade- Addam Perez & Kailani McGee, 6th Grade- Knyla Brisbane & Pryceless Mayon, 7th Grade- Mohogany Rembert & Miko Deang, 8th Grade- Anaje Brisbane & Elaiza Mae Arabe)

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