RSL Soccer Program

Hello South Phoenix Prep & Arts Families,

We are excited to announce a new partnership with RSLAZ Soccer Club. If your child is interested in playing soccer for FREE this fall this is your opportunity.

RSLAZ offers REC soccer 3 times a year, Fall, Winter, and Spring.  The FALL season will start in September. If your child is interested in playing soccer simply email me Francisco d’Escoto, Director of Community Outreach, at fdescoto@skylineschools.com with your child’s Name, School, and Date of Birth in the Subject line.  Once I receive your email, I will send you a link and instructions on how to register. 

Last day to Register is Thursday 31 of August. Please email me no later than TUESDAY August 29th so I can send you instructions on how to register.

We are happy to inform you that this program is FREE for all South Phoenix Prep & Arts families. But you do need to register and buy your own uniform. 

If you are looking for something more competitive than REC, please email me so we can discuss what additional opportunities are available with RSLAZ.

As interest in soccer grows at your school, we will work with RSLAZ to tailor teams at the appropriate levels. We look forward to working with you to establish a unique soccer experience at your school.


Step 1. Email fdescoto@skylineschools.com NAME, School, DOB in Subject line.

Step 2. You will receive an email from me with instructions on how to register.

Step 3. Register your child.

Step 4. You are responsible for ordering your uniform. There is a cost, but the uniform is yours to keep and can be used for the whole year.  I will provide you with the link. 

Thank you for your time. We at Skyline Education continue to provide quality programs for our students.

Francisco d’Escoto, Director, Community Outreach, Skyline Education.

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