Lead as a Teacher


Highly effective teachers are the foundation by which students receive a strong education. Leadership at all levels is paramount to the success of our program and it begins with our teachers. We focus on empowerment, training and a strong team environment to ensure success.

We strive to provide resources, coaching and professional development to ensure teachers can successfully educate students. We strive to train our teachers to be effective in delivering high quality academic rigor and character development.

Leadership starts from within, but together as a team W.E.I.M.P.A.C.T our students, families and fellow team members. Success is achieved as a team!

Featured Teachers

From the time she started school, she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She always loved helping her pre-K teachers (even up to college teachers) in the class. Now, what drives her to educate students is their passion for learning. She believes that all kids love to learn in different ways. She enjoys finding different ways to teach them and seeing their facial expressions when they do learn something new.

She has been teaching for 5 years now! She has experience teaching kindergarten, first grade and second grade in which she has fallen in love with! She attended Ottawa University for her M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Grand Canyon University in Educational Leadership and Management. Her passion has always been children and as far back as she can remember, she was always knew she was going to be a teacher.

She is the 1st-12th Grade Visual Arts teacher. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2014 with a degree in Art Education. She is a working artist and uses her time outside of school to create illustrated greeting cards, life-like portraits, and surrealist collages!

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